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AirShares Elite Expands Network to Australia


June 18, 2012 – (Atlanta, GA) – AirShares Elite has finalized the details of a partnership that will expand its service area to Southeast Australia, making it the first multi-national fractional ownership program for small aircraft. Beginning in June of this year, AirShares’ customers will be able to fly their Cirrus aircraft from Australia’s Moorabbin Airport in the city of Melbourne in addition to the 15 U.S. cities already contained within the AirShares network.

This new Australian branch of AirShares Elite, known as “Avia AirShares,” is already operating its own late model SR-22 with Garmin Perspective avionics. By working together, both companies can now provide a product which is unique in the industry.

“We’ve always strived to provide our customers with the largest support network possible” notes Kevin Price, President of AirShares Elite. “This new partnership provides our customers not only with access to Australian based aircraft but with the local resources and support they will need to serve as pilot in command in foreign skies."

Customers currently based in Australia will be granted reciprocal access to AirShares' U.S. based fleet, an arrangement unique in the industry. "The ability to operate aircraft in other countries is something that no other fractional provider can offer," notes Chris Butchers, Strategic Director for Avia AirShares. "We see this as yet another glowing example of how we can help our customers to Just Fly!"

For more information contact the AirShares Elite sales office at or by calling 1-800-482-5411.


PilotMag Magazine Highlights AirShares


January 26, 2012 – (Atlanta, GA) – If you want to do more than just local training, then AirShares is the right choice. At least, that was the conclusion made by a recent article published in PilotMag Magazine (seen here). In the article, author Mark Phelps notes that many pilots earn their license only to find frustration when trying to rent an airplane. Most rental aircraft are needed for local training, and flight schools can’t afford to let customers take their aircraft away on multi-day trips. AirShares, however, fills the void. Because AirShares is based on ownership, customers can use the planes however they like; even for days on end. And because costs are shared among all participants, it makes ownership available to those who otherwise couldn’t afford an airplane on their own. (See full article here)


Forbes Magazine Features AirShares Elite


December 14, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – Forbes Magazine recently chronicled the potential value available through fractional ownership. In its article titled “Private Aviation for the Rest of Us,” Forbes outlined how the AirShares fractional ownership program can make flying a high performance airplane more affordable. “AirShares Elite…[gives] pilots many of the benefits of ownership but without the full atomic blast of its costs.” To read the complete article on Forbes’ website, click here.


AirShares' Leaseback Program Recognized as Top Way to Save


December 11, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – In a recent article titled "Ten ways to fly for less," (seen here) Plane & Pilot magazine highlighted the AirShares Elite leaseback program, which is available to owners of Garmin Perspective equipped Cirrus aircraft, as one of ten ways to reduce the cost of flying. A month later the magazine took a closer look at available leaseback options and again highlighted AirShares as one of the most attractive options available. "Their leaseback program is unique in the industry" the article states, declaring that the AirShares leaseback program "leverages the company's size and focused customer base to provide attractive leaseback options." (see the full article here)


AirShares Elite to Hold Ten Year Sale


September 9, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – Ten years after adding the Cirrus SR-22 to its fleet, AirShares announced that it will be launching a "10-10-10" sale at AOPA Summit in Connecticut. Under this program, customers buying a share before year's end will receive several incentives during their first year of ownership including a 10% discount on monthly fees, 10 hours of dual instruction, and 10 hours of "bonus" flight time.

AirShares' Vice President of Sales, David Lee, noted that the sale will coincide with the arrival of newer, more advanced aircraft: "At AirShares, we have always strived to provide our customers with affordable access to the worlds most advanced aircraft. Ten years ago we migrated our fleet to the SR-22, and today we're upgrading to the latest G-1000 based avionics platform. With the introduction of the 10-10-10 sale, there has never been a better time to get started."

For more information about the "10-10-10" sale contact the AirShares Elite sales office at or by calling 1-800-482-5411.


LogTen Pro now Available to AirShares' Deluxe Level Customers


July 5, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – An increasing number of AirShares Elite owners and pilots are utilizing mobile devices in the cockpit, which is why AirShares is partnering with Coradine Aviation Systems, makers of the popular Log Ten Pro electronic logbook software.

“Our airplanes have always been at the forefront of technology, so it’s only natural that AirShares provide the most advanced support tools to our customers” says Justin Beitler, of AirShares Elite. “This logbook software will allow our owners to record their flight times right from the airplane, eliminating the need to keep a cumbersome paper logbook.”

AirShares Elite will provide a copy of either mobile edition of Log Ten Pro to its “deluxe” level customers at no charge. Additionally, Coradine Aviation Systems will hold a special one time sale for all AirShares Elite customers, making available all versions of its software for a 15% discount. For more information about the Log Ten Pro electronic logbook software visit


AirShares to offer iPad Kneeboard Pro from MyGoFlight


June 30, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – AirShares Elite has seen a growing number of pilots moving from paper charts to the use of the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and a paperless cockpit. To support this transition in a safe and secure fashion, AirShares Elite has selected MyGoFlight’s iPad Kneeboard Pro™ as the case to use. It allows pilots to use the iPad on either leg, left or right handed, with or without a clipboard, and can open up as desk to give access to both notes and the iPad at the same time.

“The iPad allows you to bring a wealth of information into the cockpit making it simpler and easier to spend more time flying the airplane” said Justin Beitler of AirShares Elite. “The iPad Kneeboard Pro™ allows you to do that in a very secure, high quality fashion.”

AirShares Elite will provide a special custom version of the iPad Kneeboard Pro™ to its “deluxe” level owners, and will personalize each for the individual customer. For more information this or other products from MyGoFlight, visit


Precise Flight Partners with AirShares


April 20, 2011 – (Atlanta, GA) – With the growing number of turbo aircraft available in the AirShares fleet, more and more AirShares pilots are discovering the need to use supplemental oxygen. That's why AirShares has partnered with Precise Flight, Inc. to make oxygen accessories, such as masks and flow meters, available to its pilots.

“Precise Flight was the natural selection when it came to choosing a supplier for oxygen equipment,“ said Rich Bertoli, Chief Pilot at AirShares Elite. “Precise Flight already manufactures the Fixed Oxygen System installed in every Cirrus SR-22 Turbo, so pairing their built-in system with their high quality oxygen accessories means that our pilots will have access to the very best equipment available.“

AirShares Elite owners can now purchase this equipment directly from AirShares, with steep discounts available for those enrolled in AirShares' optional “Deluxe“ services. For more information, call 1-800-482-5411.


Cirrus teams up with AirShares to set new world speed record


March 15, 2011 – (Los Angeles, CA) – AirShares Elite recently set a new official world speed record while flying a Cirrus SR-22T from the AirShares Elite regional offices in Los Angeles, California to the AirShares Elite offices in Phoenix, Arizona. The record, which is for a “speed over a recognized course,” covers the route from Ontario (just east of Los Angeles) to Phoenix and represents a massive improvement over the previous C-1C record. With an official average speed of 271.2 knots, the new record is over 30% faster than the previous record of 207 knots (which was set on 5/29/2000 by Lee White and Larry Randlett while piloting a Mooney M20K).

Piloting the airplane during the flight was AirShares Elite pilot Justin Beitler, who remarked that “The flight was really a fun way to showcase the capabilities of our program and the aircraft we use. The XM weather system helped me find the best winds, and the efficient turbocharged engine allowed me to cruise on less than 17 gallons per hour at over 270 knots. At that speed, our offices in LA and Phoenix are only an hour and eleven minutes apart. Normally that kind of speed is expensive, but thanks to AirShares, pilots all across the country can get access to that kind of performance at an affordable price.”

For a complete “Behind the Scenes” look at the flight, click here


AirShares Elite introduces fleet services designed for large national customers


December 22, 2010 – (Atlanta, GA) – AirShares Elite has long been known for its innovative and affordable shared ownership program, but today it is going a step further and offering something that no other company can offer: access to your very own fleet of aircraft for less than the price of a single airplane.

According to AirShares founder David Lee, this new “MASS usage” program (which stands for Multiple Aircraft in Simultaneous Service) is unlike anything else available. “With a national network of aircraft, AirShares already offers services that no one else can. Now, we’re taking that network a step further, giving customers the option to fly multiple aircraft at the same time. This can be particularly advantageous for national businesses, as a customer with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta could fly an airplane in all three locations at the same time, yet they only have to pay for a fraction of a single plane.”

This new MASS usage program is available as an optional service to all AirShares Elite customers.  For more information visit or contact AirShares Elite sales at 800-482-5411.


AirShares Elite expands service, hires new employees


November 15, 2010 – (Atlanta, GA) – AirShares Elite announced today that it is extending service to the San Francisco bay area, and will be hiring employees to aid with the expansion. The move will increase AirShares network to a total of 19 cities across the United States, further establishing its presence as the largest and longest running shared ownership program of its kind.

AirShares Elite CEO David Lee sees the expansion as the first in a series of updates planned for the AirShares program “While other programs have gambled on unproven aircraft and services, our conservative approach has allowed us to stand the test of time. With the general aviation market showing strong signs of recovery, AirShares is well poised to begin its next phase of growth and product innovations.”

AirShares Elite will initially offer service at the Palo Alto airport, expanding to neighboring airports in the following months. For more information visit or contact AirShares Elite sales at 800-482-5411.



AirShares Elite Acquires iFly

June 9, 2008 – (Atlanta, GA) – Professionally managed aircraft pioneer AirShares Elite announced today that it has purchased iFly, the world’s first exclusive aero club, effective immediately.  The acquisition will extend AirShares Elite’s penetration in the Southern California market while greatly expanding the network of iFly’s Los Angeles and San Diego-area members.

AirShares Elite CEO David Lee foresees the acquisition providing significant benefits for the customers of both companies.  “AirShares is the largest national shared ownership program and iFly runs the biggest program in the Los Angeles / San Diego market.  Together, we will offer our customers an even greater range of flying experiences – more planes in more locations, with a larger, more experienced and more capable organization.  The new organization will be a plus for all of our owners.” 

The company will operate a fleet of Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo aircraft in the Southern California market, which iFly Chairman Andrew DeMond believes will provide even greater utility to iFly’s members, who previously flew iFly’s fleet of normally aspirated Columbia (now Cessna) 350s.

“AirShares and iFly have been the innovators and market leaders in our respective markets; now, we can move forward together,” DeMond said.  “For iFly’s California members, the combination with AirShares lets them move up to a turbo-normalized aircraft ideally suited to the West Coast market.”

AirShares Elite will provide access to its transition training program to iFly’s members, enabling them to begin flying its fleet of Cirrus aircraft within the next few weeks.




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September 27 , 2006: AirShares Elite reaches 50th airplane milestone.

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July 23, 2006: AirShares Opens in Raleigh-Durham and Minneapolis; CEO Invites pilots to Just Fly.

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January 24, 2006: AirShares Elite to Head Back to the Moon in 2006! ite in AirShares Elite pilot owners cross

January 8, 2006: AirShares Tampa Adds Second SR22 Ahead of Schedule.


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